Sea Folk
Fish person
Appearance Variously piscine and humanoid.
Creator(s) Waverider
Abilities Aquatic


Sea Folk are often mistaken by the ignorant for Fish Folk, which is considered by most Sea Folk to be grounds for a fight. Sea Folk are wholly humanoid and display a mixture of features from both aquatic species and mammalian ones. There is a wide degree of coloration variances among Sea Folk, and while blues and greens dominate, even reds and oranges have been seen. Because of their ichthyic blood, Sea Folk have reduced mammalian sexual dimorphism, replacing it with coloration differences. This lends them an androgynous appearance to most land dwelling species. Sea Folk tend to have enlarged eyes and slim bodies, as well as no visible ears.


Pragmatic and phlegmatic, they've made use of what they have- despite their creator being unreliable at best. The Sea Folk have a rich tradition of oral story-telling and song. This is due to the two being more or less the same for them, due to the ease at which sound travels through water. Despite their relative passivity, they are very much like their creator deep down. Nomadic and free spirited, but also holding a nasty temper. An angry group of Sea Folk is a sight to behold for an ocean goer.


Most of their advantages -and weaknesses- are due to their physiology.


  • Aquatic
  • Skilled Vocalists
  • Strong and fast for size
  • Excellent hearing


  • Poor vision, especially above water
  • Can not survive long in shallows or on land
  • Can not survive the deeper parts of the ocean.


Sea Folk were created by Waverider almost by accident, during her time of amnesia and near-mortality.

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