Commander One Vandal Shoving Another Down, known to most by the shorter Shoving Another Down, is a Vandal that accompanied The Veteran to the Land of Uburra-Namall to investigate some strange goings on there. While there, she witnessed the Dragonborn exile Balasar slaughter a group of Boquabians, and was ordered by the Veteran to escort the survivors home. While there, they became tangled up in a religious awakening and the political drama that came thereof, and quelled an almost inexplicable riot before following the Boquabian they saved and his followers. Because of her quick action of taking charge of the riot, she was considered commander of the small unit by the other Vandals, who decide to stay and follow her lead.

This great impressed The Veteran, who had been observing nearby. He appeared to her later that night, marking her head with the commanders official star.

Was killed under the influence of Gilgameshs massive conflict curse, when she broke rank and charged the gathered Nightmare Goblins.

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