The Reasonable
Rank Major God
Domains Reason and Peacekeeping
Titles The One Between, The Diplomat
Related Gods The Watchman, The Babysitter, The Veteran
Appearance Young, with a long blue cape and spectacles.

Basic StatsEdit

  1. Power: 0
  1. Precision: 0
  1. Perception: 1
  1. Presence: 3


  • Oratory (3): The Resolution is a gifted public speaker.
  • Unflinching Mind (3): Attempting to peer into The Resolutions mind or trying to influence his will reveals the great gaping empty chunk of where part of him used to be. The energy must pass through this void if it wishes to influence him.

Tool of OfficeEdit

Equalizer Equlizing (6): The resonables blade, when placed between two entities, will equalize a qauality both of them share.


Formal, polite, and always slightly annoyed, the reasonable enjoys it when things go as planned. He's the type of boy who looks before he leaps, even if the leap is really more of a hop. Has a deep desire to keep the peace, and would gladly give up everything in order to do so.






A young pale boy, 14-15 years old with brown hair. Wears a long blue cloak with a hood. His spectacles have taken the place of his mask, and always seem to catch the light when he is angry, making his eyes impossible to see.


As a GodEdit

The Reasonable was originally a watcher. The Watchman promoted him to Godhood in during the first appearance of the Monster King and sent him to investigate Mik Haels island.

As a MortalEdit

In the Watchman's old world, he was a carpenters apprentice named Ted Holiday. His town was one of the first to lead an open rebellion against it's corrupt rulers, headed by the Watchman Dalton Harbergan. When the kings army arrived and it was clear that the rebels were completely outmatched Dalton dug in and prepared to fight to the the last.

Ted, hoping to avoid such a large loss of life, stole Daltons Watchman costume and successfully parlayed with the enemy general. Turning himself over to the army as the Watchman, he spared the village itself and was executed.

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