The Veteran
Rank Major God
Domains Defense and Dirty Fighting
Titles The Bastard, The Scoundrel, The General, The Vet
Related Gods The Watchman, The Babysitter, The Reasonable
Appearance Man clad head to toe in armor, long grey cape, only jaw is visible.

Basic StatsEdit

  1. Power: 5
  2. Precision: 0
  3. Perception: 0
  1. Presence: 3


  • Military Commander (4): The Veteran is can take control of any army n the planet and that army would probably be better off for it.
  • Guerrilla Tactics (4): The Veteran can fight a guerrilla war like nobody’s business, and is an expert all of the tactics associate with it.

Tool of OfficeEdit

===The Wall Defensive===

The Wall Defensive (6): The wall, a great tower shield, is nearly indestructible. Any path The Wall is placed before is inasessible.


Boastful and crude, the Veteran would easily be mistaken as a cut rate thug. However, underneath all that beats the heart of a true soldier. Has not a shred of honor in his entire body. The very thought of fighting fair is absurd to him, he has no qualms about running away from an impossible battle if he can, and never declares war when he can just attack.

However, put him between innocent people and oncoming death and he will stand and hold off the storm until he falls.



Speectropolis and the desert surrounding it.


A tall man, clad head to foot in dark grey armor. A long grey cape hands around his shoulders, and the only visible part of his body is his lantern jaw.


As a GodEdit

The Veteran was a watcher, promoted to the rank of Major god shortly after the first appearance of the Monster King.

As a MortalEdit

In the Watchman's old world his name was Dalton Harberger. A hunter by trade until the kings army sacked his town and killed his wife and children. Dalton swore revenge, and taking the survivors of the village as an army began leading a series of guerrilla assaults on army camps and supply lines. It was before one such assault that he met Cyrus Dogwood, the original Watchman. Inspired, he took up the mantel himself and lead an increasingly successful campaign against the kingdom.

However, when aiding the first city to openly rebel against the king, he was forced into a battle he knew he could not win. The village was saved buy a boy named Ted Holiday, who stole his costume and turned himself over to the army in exchange for the cities safety. Learning this took a heavy toll on the man, and he never war the mask again.

Years later, he was shot in the head during one of the final battles of the revolution. Reportedly, he had thrown himself between the arrow and a young soldier under his command.

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