Appearance Large, smooth, grey, and dog like. No Eyes, large ears and nostrils.
Creator(s) The Watchman
Abilities To find anything and anyone.


Watchdogs appear as large, grey, dog-like creatures. Their grey skin seems stretched and ill fitting over their frame. The Dogs have no eyes, but prominent nostrils and large ears that they keep down most of the time, but can fan out to get an accurate lay of the land. Their strong legs end in large clawed feet, usefull for digging or combat.


Watchdogs behave, in general, like very intelligent dogs. When not set to a task they either romp around with one another, lay out in the sun, or strive to make themselves useful to those around them. Many a mortal have found themselves receiving the aid of an off duty Watchdog, which took the time to carry them home or watch their fields for them, and it is considered a sign of good fortune to spot one in the area.

They communicate in a series of high and low pitch *PING*s, though no one seems to understand them but other Servitors.

Like Dogs, they posses and undying loyalty to their master, The Watchman. When put to a task, they become homing missiles and won't stop until their quarry is found.


Watchdogs posses incredible powers of detection. Their sense of smell is strong enough to find anyone in the world, and their hearing is such that they can know the shape of the country for miles. Their powerful legs allow them to leap leagues in a single bound, and their speed is such that they can even do this across water, bouncing on the surface like a smooth stone stone. This has lead to persistent rumors that they don't actually touch the ground at all, but fly using their large ears.

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