Appearance Grey cloaks around a mask.
Creator(s) The Watchman
Abilities Invisibility, hiding things withing themselves.


Watchers appear as the Watchman cloak and mask, free flouting on their own accord.


Each Watcher is a personalty copy of one of the many people who make up The Watchman himself. As such, each is different. However, all share a dedication to justice and a hatred of tyranny.

In general, they are the most laid back and free minded of the Watchmans Servitors, and can usually be found in groups having long, Seinfeldian conversations when not on duty. Sometimes, even when on duty.


The Watchers are designed to be the Watchman's eyes and ears. As such, they are remarkably stealthy and are able to pass undetected in most places. They were also given the ability to envelope and carry things with their cloaks.

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