Appearance Grey cloaked masked men
Creator(s) The Watchman
Abilities Stealth, retractable weapons.


Witnesses appear as tall men in long grey cloaks, wearing masks that actually have facial features. In contrast to the Watchers, which can appear both male and female, and Watchdogs, who don't appear to have a gender, Witnesses are exclusively male.


The Witnesses are the stewards of Spectropolis, carrying out most of the maintenance, trash collection, and law enforcement of the city. It is very rare that you will find a witness taking a break, as the city always offers some new job. Even when seemingly at rest, a witness is still carrying out it's prime duty; listening to the mortals that flow in to Spectropolis and getting their opinions on matters.

Of the three servitor races of the Watchman, the Witnesses are the most bound by rules and protocol, and are distant from the other Servitors of the Watchman most of the time. Still, being creations of the Watchman, they do posse4s a certain amount of autonomy.

As the Keepers of law in Spectropolis, they are efficient and dedicated. Any perpetrator can expect to find them descending on him/her from all directions within the city. The only time a Witness is allowed to leave Spectropolis is in pursuit of a suspect, and to do so is considered both an honor and a privilege among their ranks.


The Witnesses are not seen unless the wish to be. This is less out of any power of invisibility, and more their keen ability to stand where people are not looking. If they cannot manage this, they hide in plain sight, usually doing some menial task like sweeping the streets.

However they are the keepers of law in Spectropolis, and as such are a force to be reckoned with. They have an mythical connection to the city, and can sense when it's law is being violated, though not by whom. When pursuing a lawbreaker they display amazing endurance and agility, sometimes running over rooftops in order to keep up. In addition, they have enough strength to match a Goliath in they're prime.

In keeping the law, they have a number of weapons at their disposal. If a perpetrator is armed, they produce log rods from their sleeves. In pursuit, they can also shoot out iron maniacals. In addition, most also practice with different forms of combat, both armed and otherwise.

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